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TS Orchids

Highlighted Plants

Highlighted Plants
Placing An Order
We are proud of all our plants, but we are especially proud of the plants on this page. We will update this page often, so be sure to come see what's extra special!

Phal. Valentinii var. alba
These plants are nice healthy growing plants. Most are in spike. Some have 2+ spikes. Beautifully shaped flowers.
Bs - $40
Spike - $50
2+ spikes - $60


Phal. bellina
Phal. bellina are a favorite with many orchid growers. These plants are extra nice. They are large plants with great root systems. Many of these have several spikes that are currently blooming. The fragrance is unbelievalble.
BS - $55
Spike - $65
2+ spikes - $85


Phal. Kilby Cassviola
These are beautiful large plants. Many with several spikes that have already bloomed for this season. But some will continue to branch with more blooms. The coloration on these plants are spectacular (as you can see from the picture). Very healthy plants with great root systems. Did we also mention that they are fragrant?
BS - $50
Spike - $55
2+ spikes - $60